Information security awareness training simulates the daily choices DoD information system users make while they carry out their tasks. This training suggests that information system users are accountable for safeguarding classified and sensitive information, together with the location or storage of the information system.

Quarterly information awareness training serves as the foundation for adopting a security mentality, which is demonstrated in everyday work routines from telephone and email interactions to wireless network and physical security. The completion of information security awareness training by all employees in an organization is fundamental to upholding a strong security posture.

Information security awareness training…

Technology and engineering disciplines still lack diversity — even in 2019. The complex nature of this problem asks for collective solutions that tackle different facets of the problem. No single initiative will change this, and more importantly for a systematic change, we must force ourselves to think about long-term impact.

Beyond teaching programming through imagiCharm and the app, imagiLabs is creating a community of girls who act as role models for each other. It is creating a movement of girls shaping the future through technology. …

With high profile incidents like the WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks making headlines, there is an increasing demand for highly trained individuals who can advise businesses and organisations, government and law enforcement agencies alike on the best ways to protect their computer networks and the valuable, commercially sensitive information stored within.

According to the BBC, research by insurance company Hiscox revealed that 55 percent of UK firms reported cyber attacks in 2019, up from 40 percent in 2018, with many businesses being under-prepared.

Cybersecurity is fast becoming the most pressing and least understood problem for many individuals, businesses and nations…

The phrase “women in tech” is stunting progress towards gender equality. It is not a war cry of empowerment but a siren of appeasement that makes technical women sound like an invasive species. We are in tech, we do belong, and a rallying cry that implies anything else is scaring young women away. When we reduce ourselves to “women in tech,” we become complicit in our marginalization.

I come to this issue as an Israeli woman who served side-by-side men in the military and did not grow up around people who identified as a “woman in” any career. Do people…

With every major cultural shift, there comes an inevitable fatigue point where everyone grows sick of hearing about it — even its own supporters. Usually, that’s right at the point where things are starting to change.

We reached that point with diversity and inclusion in tech some years back. And indeed, we’d started to see progress around the same time, and there’s been even more since then.

So is it time to stop focusing so much on ‘women in tech’ and just focus on people instead, like those dudes in comment sections keep telling us?

HELL no. Here’s why.


Useful & Beautiful and Women in Tech ZA, the organisers of the Moving to Mastery: Women in Tech and Digital Conference (Johannesburg edition), today announced that ticket sales for the event will close on Sunday, 7 July.

The event, which will be held on 10 July at the OUTsurance Auditorium in Centurion, features an all-women line-up, like the Cape Town event did.

This, says Women in Tech ZA co-founder Samantha Perry, was done deliberately to showcase the depth and breadth of female expertise in the tech sector, but also to challenge South Africa’s conference organisers to make their line-ups more…

Author: Francesca Bosco, Project Lead, Cyber-Resilience, Centre for Cybersecurity, World Economic Forum & Rebekah Lewis, Project Lead, Governance and Policy, Centre for Cybersecurity, World Economic Forum

Throughout the world, unprecedented levels of innovation, interdependence and change call for strong and ethical leadership. In this promising yet volatile context, a leadership vacuum poses a real threat to global stability and prosperity. Can we look to non-traditional sources for the kind of leadership needed to deliver on both the potential and the challenges of our time?

Professionals in the field of cybersecurity develop many of the leadership traits needed in the broader…

Jo Stewart-Rattray is no stranger to isolation — as a child growing up in a rural area, and as the only woman in a boardroom or a client meeting.

“I have been the only woman in a boardroom, client meeting, or conference session countless times,” says Jo Stewart-Rattray, director of information security and IT assurance at BRM Holdich.

This is, perhaps, a not so uncommon experience for female professionals navigating the male-dominated field of information technology.

Stewart-Rattray, who grew up in the Australian bush, is no stranger to the feeling of isolation.

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The European Cybersecurity Act has been put to force. The European Union Agency for Network and Information and Security (ENISA) is the key governing body as per the act and will judge products to be assessed for cybersecurity weaknesses. The Act ends ENISA’s temporary role, which was set to end in 2020 after renewal in 2013.

“This means very concretely — if one Member State is a cyberattack victim, it can very quickly use ENISA’s expertise to identify vulnerabilities and resolve it, which has not been possible so far. …

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